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Alphabet Animals is stimulating & educational for infants & pre-schoolers.
It can be a valuable learning tool for recognition of colors, letters, words and animals.
It is believed that infants start recognizing colors around six months of age, animals
around the age of one year and letters between two to six years of age.
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alphabet animals
Place next to your infant's or child's bed, they will know
their alphabet, colors & animals before entering kindergarten.
The Art of the Alphabet
Alphabet Animals was illustrated by artist Kathy Harrod-Vitullo originally for her 1-year-old daughter as a nice colorful picture to put on the wall by her bed. When friends saw and expressed a desire to have something similar, the decision was eventually made to offer it to the public. Kid's # 1 is now able to offer this and other children's 'heartwarming' posters for your children's enjoyment.
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